Weather Policy


eeZeSport offers after school football coaching at Trull School normally on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon.

We currently use Trull Park meeting the children in the school field at 3.20pm and remaining in the park until 4.30pm.

Bad Weather Policy

Our policy regarding forecasted weather is as follows:

Light Rain: Children are requested to bring ‘light coats’ or shower proof jackets. Coaching will be available and we will still play football in Trull Park. Parents may choose to collect their children if they do not want their child to play in the rain.

Heavy Rain: Football outside will be cancelled. Either the school hall or a classroom will be used as an alternative location and ‘indoor’ football related games / activities will be conducted. Parents may choose to collect their children if more convenient, however we will be on site to look after the children should work / other commitments mean you are unable to collect before 4.30pm

Lightning Risk: Children will not be allowed to play outside in the open if there is a risk of lightning regardless of whether the storm has finished locally.

Late Club: Children booked into late club can either go to late club or join us in the alternative location. They will then move to Late Club at 4.30pm.

Summer 2016 only: Should after school football be cancelled, the session running from 4.30pm until 5.30 pm will not go ahead and parents are requested to collect their children at 4.30pm.

Parents will be informed via text confirming cancellation if weather dictates.


Children are required to bring shin pads, long socks and boots with studs. During periods of hot weather, Astro boots may be used, however it is EXTREMELY important that a water bottle – with water in it! -  is also available.

It is parental responsibility to ensure that children have adequate sunscreen, we are unable to apply sunscreen to your child.

The emergency contact number is 07977 915 965. Any questions, please do not hesitate to drop us a line: or give Neil White a ring on the above number.